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We are experts in the forest industry.

With over 40 years of experience, A+G Reforestation has built lasting relationships with our clients.

Tree Planting

Every year A+G plants over 4 million trees for public and private sector clients throughout BC. This includes coordinating with forestry and nursery professionals, danger tree assessing and falling, managing transportation and cold storage, and remote worksite logistics.

A strong commitment to respect, safety, and quality has made A+G one of the premier reforestation companies to work with in British Columbia, and all of Canada.


A+G Wildfire Services delivers effective wildfire emergency response to the province of British Columbia in support of their mandate to: “Protect lives and values at risk” and “Encourage sustainable, healthy and resilient ecosystems”.

Ecosystem Restoration + Fuel Management

A+G Reforestation has provided services to clients ranging from federal, provincial and municipal governments, to non-profit organizations, large corporate clients and small-to-medium-sized businesses. We have experience implementing fuel management prescriptions in a variety of different stand types and are familiar with the unique challenges of working in park-like environments and suburban areas. With respect to parklands, recreational values and public access, we have completed projects with large falling components and a variety of high risk activities in parks with active, high use recreation trails.

Our crews can safely manage traffic control, manage public access to recreational trails, engage with the public and articulate safety management concerns.

We provide a range of fuel management activities from controlled burning for industry clients, to fire hazard risk mitigation in Wildland-Urban interface areas, and fuel reduction for municipalities and communities around BC.

Stand Management (Brushing, spacing, thinning)

Silviculture and forest health activities are a large part of our business. We help to ensure the optimal growth of planted forests by engaging in a variety of mechanical stand tending activities such as spacing, pruning, slashing, and brushing.

Slash Pile Burning

Slash pile burning is a form of controlled burning that we provide to industry clients. Leftover slash and wood residue from logging practises are piled each year and burned in the cooler months of fall and winter. A+G Staff are trained in Fire Suppression + Safety and BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations to ensure proper smoke management and appropriate burning conditions are met.

A+G has been successful in the past many years carrying out a burning program for Weyerhaeuser in the Princeton area.

Aerial Reconnaissance (Forest Health and Fire Patrol)

We provide commercial fixed-wing aviation services to our clients delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution for aerial overview and reconnaissance, fire watch, road-status flights, snow-status flights, etc. And, with over 20 years of aviation experience, we can provide consulting services to help manage both fixed and rotary wing logistics for your complex projects.

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