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Job Progression with A+G

Most people start their careers with us as tree planters, while some people start with firefighting. Many will do both in a season, extending working months through to the end of summer. There are also opportunities for work over the fall and winter with our fuel management projects.

Those that want to progress in the industry and increase their earning potential start by adding certifications such as:

  • Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training
  • WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid Training
  • ATV Operator Training
  • Power Saw Operator Training
  • Danger Tree Assessor Training
  • BCWS S-series courses

After completing certification training - employees can apply for supplementary positions such as crew truck driver or ATV operator. These positions allow A+G staff to take on additional duties and get paid more.

Crew leaders and project managers work at desks making production reports
Crew Leaders + Supervisors

After gaining more experience, employees can apply for supervisory positions as a Crew Leader in our tree planting or firefighting operations. It involves running a crew of 5 - 10 people, in remote and logistically challenging conditions. These are tough but rewarding jobs that involve long days, lots of variety, and no shortage of action. Tree planting and firefighting Crew Leaders also have opportunities to work with us in other capacities on our fuel management, burning, and brushing programs. Crew Leaders often take additional certification training depending on their areas of interest, such as:

  • Incident Investigation Training
  • Faller Supervisor Training
  • Advanced Level BC Wildfire Service Fire Courses
  • Forestry Supervisor Training
  • Injury Management Training and Hands-on Approaches to MSI/Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Training
  • Environmental Management System training
Crew leader unloading seedlings in boxes from crew truck

From there, Crew Leaders have opportunities to move in to Project Management roles. Project Managers are involved in specific projects from start-to-finish. Project Managers are involved in bidding/estimating projects, creating project plans and budgets, hiring, client relationships, and project execution. All of our Project Managers have significant operations experience and all have worked on the ground doing the projects that they supervise. All of our Project Managers are hired internally. They generally work 6-10 months of the year.

Cooks and Camp Staff

We hire cooks, prep-cooks, assistant cooks, and camp staff for our projects that operate out of a camp. Cooks should have experience budgeting, planning, and cooking in rustic camp conditions for crews of up to 60 people. Cooks and kitchen staff must demonstrate their understanding of the challenges of operating a kitchen in a bush-camp environment. Cook staff are required to have a valid FoodSafe certificate.

Two cook staff prepare breakfast for the camp in the kitchen

Camp Maintenance staff must be broadly knowledgeable in bush camp operations. Some self-contained camp operations include:

  • propane systems
  • generators and electrical systems
  • water delivery systems
  • ATV servicing and maintenance
Fuel Management Labourers

We often complete these types of projects in the late fall and early spring. We typically hire for these projects out of our core tree-planting and firefighting staff and prioritize these employees for these positions in order to extend their work-season. However, external applicants are always welcome.

There is no mandatory training required for this job, but assets include OFA, PSO, experience doing bush work or landscaping, experience in the outdoors.

Pile Burning Technicians

Slash pile burning is a form of controlled burning that we provide to industry clients. Staff are trained in Fire Suppression + Safety and BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations.

We prioritize internal applicants for this work. S100 and S185 certifications are required. Fire experience is beneficial.

A slash pile burn operation in progress
ATV Operators

ATV Operators are used on many of our projects. ATV Operators must have a recognized ATV Operator Safety Course - preferably with a silviculture focus. ATV operators are generally employed full-time as tree planters and/or crew-leaders and are used as ATV operators on an as-and-when-needed basis.

An A+G ATV sits parked next to an A+G crew truck on the cut block
Crew Vehicle Operators

We hire crew vehicle operators/drivers on every project that involves transportation of crew in company vehicles. Drivers must have a recognized Resource Road Driver training program (available through the BC Forest Safety Council). Drivers are typically employed as tree planters or crew leaders and are used as drivers on an as-and-when-needed basis.

A+G occasionally offers training spots for internal applicants interested in being a Crew Vehicle or ATV operator. Selections are based on company needs, management feedback, and performance reviews.

A crew vehicle operator sits in the drivers seat driving a big truck
First Aid Attendants (OFA)

First aid attendants are used on every project. First Aid Attendants are typically employed as tree planters or crew leaders and earn additional pay to act as the site First Aid Attendant while working at their other duties. Each project base will have a designated Level 3 Attendant available for consultations or treatments when needed.

We hire two types of first-aid attendants:

  • WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid Level 1 + Transportation Endorsement certified attendants
  • WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid Level 3 certified attendants
Power Saw Operator (PSO)

We hire Power Saw Operators on most projects. PSO’s must have undergone a recognized training program. In planting operations, they are typically employed as tree planters or crew leaders and are used as a PSO on an as-and-when-needed basis. Training is available through the BC Forest Safety Council. A+G occasionally offers training spots for internal applicants - selections are based on company needs, management feedback, and performance reviews.

Danger Tree Assessor (DTA)

Danger Tree Assessors are used on many of our projects. There are those that specialize in Silviculture and are used on our planting and fuel management projects. There are also those that specialize in Wildfires and are a mandatory component of our fire fighting crews. This is a 2 day course and having this certification will improve your chances of employment and potentially increase your pay.

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