Sunrise over an A+G work camp for another day of tree planting

About Us

Our Story

Established in 1975, A+G Reforestation is one of BC’s oldest, well-respected ecosystem restoration and forest service companies. A strong commitment to respect, safety, and quality has made A+G one of the premier reforestation companies to work with in British Columbia, and all of Canada.

A+G remains one of the innovators of the silviculture industry, constantly updating and expanding its operations to reflect changes and opportunities in the forest industry as a whole. With jobs ranging from tree planting to forest fire suppression, it is A+G’s goal to offer seasonal workers a variety of employment opportunities throughout the year.

Our Culture

We value efficiency and productivity. We believe that working safely is the only way to maximize both. We value hard work, honesty, and respect. As a team, we accomplish an incredible amount every year. This is only possible when we all work together. Every member of our team is critical to our success. We work together, and on many projects, we live together. We value everyone’s contributions.

We celebrate our wins - especially at the close of the spring planting season at one of our notorious end-of-season celebrations.

Health, Safety & Wellness

We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and a productive work-environment for all employees. We are always striving for continual improvement and we value our employees involvement.

We firmly believe that health, safety, and wellness are critical components to achieving maximum efficiency and productivity over the long-term. To that end we are constantly working on initiatives to improve conditions in these core areas. For example:

  • Remote access to Physiotherapist consults
  • Advanced injury management and taping training for company First Aid attendants
  • Safety training and certification
  • Continual improvement and employee engagement in all aspects of our operating systems

Our Team

A photo of Chris Akehurst of A+G Reforestation working



Chris Akehurst is one of the pioneers of tree planting in British Columbia. He planted his first tree in 1975, and helped turn the industry into what it is today. Since taking ownership of A+G in 1984, Chris has been a strong advocate for high employment standards and industry-best practices. He has played a lead role in developing safety and training initiatives for the BC Forest Industry through his ongoing work with the Western Forestry Contractors Association and the BC Forest Safety Council.

Chris has retired from day-to-day operations but is still involved with the company as a shareholder. He now acts mostly in an advisory capacity where his knowledge of, and experience in, the industry are a valuable asset to the company.

A photo of Carlo Galvani of A+G Reforestation



Carlo Galvani began planting trees for A+G in 2000, and progressed through the roles of driver, first-aid attendant, foreman/crew leader, supervisor, and project manager, before becoming co-owner in 2011.

Carlo founded A+G’s wildland firefighting program in 2013 and oversees all of A+G’s aviation operations. He is a director of the Western Forestry Contractors Association. And, is involved in a number of committees that work to advocate for the continued development of training programs, industry best-practices, and constantly improving working conditions for silviculture workers. Carlo has played an integral role in creating training programs relevant to silviculture workers province-wide and he is an accredited training provider for Resource Road Driver Training and ATV Operator Training.

A photo of Sara Keay of A+G Reforestation


Ops Coordinator

Sara Keay came to A+G in 2007 as a rookie planter and eventually moved on to crew driver, first aid attendant and foreman / crew leader. Her education includes an Associate Science Degree and a diploma in Environmental Technology. She now holds the role of Operations Coordinator for the A+G Team and stands in as the active Fire Coordinator during the summer months.