Work With Us

Apply now to be a part of renewal and growth with A+G Reforestation this tree planting season. We are currently hiring for various positions. See below to read more about our work philosophy.






Our owners are experts in the industry with over 21 years of experience. Project managers often have over 15 years, and crew bosses over 7 years in the industry.


Our crews reflect a cross section of industry and experience, but each year we bring in about 10% new rookies. We also strive for a balance of men and women as both planters and supervisors.


We pride ourselves on our efficiency. Trucks are on time. Trees are always available at caches.  Planting and safety requirements are consistently demonstrated. Short planting days are kept to a minimum.  Moves are coordinated to minimize down time.


All planters receive a copy of the A+G Safety Plan and are oriented before the season, then trained when they start work. Rookies receive a comprehensive 4 day training program. Crew bosses have the WSCA Crew Boss Course; truck drivers the WSCA driving course; ATV operators the WSCA ATV course.


A planter should be able to make money working reasonable hours. Daily we leave at 7am and return from the block at 5pm. In each 2 week period we work a schedule of 3:1 (3 days on 1 day off), 3:1 and 4:2 (10 working days out 14). This is the best way to maintain high production and awareness levels without overstressing the body.


A+G has a comprehensive Safety Program. It is a living plan that we expect everyone to be a part of. We are working to provide a safe work environment for everyone through maintaining equipment, Driver Training programs, Pre-Season Training programs, coaching, our Delia Roberts program, Early Reporting and Return to Work programs.


We strive to create a working atmosphere that is inclusive, open and enjoyable. Respect is essential.


We know that staff accommodations are important. In our motel everyone has a bed and every room a kitchen. We encourage off work activities such as Pot Luck dinners, Badminton, Volleyball, cards and climbing trips.  Similarly, in the camp we pride ourselves in the food and general facilities we make available.