Every year, A&G employees go above and beyond to create a fun, vibrant work and social atmosphere. Sports tournaments, themed parties, and talent shows are just a few of the events that have become a tradition at A&G.


We encourage people to bring instruments, sports equipment, and anything they feel will help make camp or motel life better for themselves and their co-workers.



TREE PLANTING is a job unlike any other in our country. Working in the remote forests of BC is one of the last truly pioneering experiences available in North America. Employees are paid by piecework, so the hardest working, most productive people can really be successful. The work environment can be rugged but the scenery and landscapes are among the most beautiful in the world.


The piecework system and the tough working conditions attract a particular brand of person. That person enjoys a physical challenge, seeks adventure, has the mental strength to push themselves, and finds regular employment dull.  The unique conditions foster a special sense of camaraderie and friendship.  Planters are always interesting people each with a different story to tell.


There is nothing quite like the satisfied feeling at the end of a tough day’s work, physically tired but proud of one’s accomplishment in planting forests for the future.  It is hard to find any other employment that offers the same daily feeling of accomplishment.  For many, it is the lure of the woods, the friendships, and the hard work that draw them back to A+G Reforestation year after year.


– Chris Akehurst, Owner